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I Just Read The Best Book Ever!

OMG! What did I just read?!
All this fangirling started by getting this (autographed) book in a Goodreads Giveaway. Let me brag a minute 😛
order of 7 photo WP_20150505_007_zps3q5u04dm.jpg

So, while reading this book, I went through a lot of different emotions…  photo anigif_optimized-16226-1429241677-9_zps1y22ein4.gif

*reads a chapter*
*takes a break to repeat ‘OMG’*
*reads another chapter*
*takes a break to repeat ‘This book is so awesome’*
*resumes reading and completes one more chapter*
*opens Goodreads and tells her BR buddy to read it ASAP*
*repeats all this again*

I will keep this fangirling for the end, and quickly move to the plot. So, this book is about Devi and her brother Nodin, who have special powers to see visions and effect a person’s emotions (respectively.) They set out to find others of their kind to complete an important task to save the whole mankind with the help of their powers and natural elements and animals.

I really loved the plot, a new theme and magical concept, a very good and unique fantasy after a long time. I enjoyed every part of it, and didn’t want it to end. Scenes about energy channeling are described so well that I felt I was actually there, standing in the woods, watching them ‘play’ with energy. And, oh, I loved all the characters and those last chapter twists were amazing. And epilogue just killed me. Beth Teliho, please write more. I wanna know what happens after this.

I can fangirl endlessly about this book, so I guess I should not extend this review further, otherwise it will trun into a fan post (if it already hasn’t)

Okay, saying this for the last time, I loved loved loved this book! This book is my I-will-re-read-a -million-times type of favorite. This book is shelved as YA, but it has some expletive usage, so recommending it to all 15+ I guess :):)

Anyway, it is a very nice book and I love it a lot

And that just turned lame.

Okay, I think I will really stop typing now… bah…

5 stars!!! 😀


6 thoughts on “I Just Read The Best Book Ever!

  1. aww awesome!! Thanks so much for putting this review on our beautiful blog as well. You have made me smile all day. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing and supporting. you are a gift and a writers' dream!


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