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Book Review : War Kids by H. J. Lawson

Book : War Kids
Author : H J Lawson

*I got this book in YA Spring Fling*

This book was very different from all other books I have read so far. I cried, laughed and even rolled my eyes, but this book just made me think about the kids who don’t even know if their parents are alive. They don’t know about their future. This book is about those small hands which hold guns. This book is about those innocent eyes which see their dear and near ones’ corpses. This book is about those young brain which will never feel secure.

                                 *SPOILERS AHEAD*

JADA, a 15 year old girl and ZAK, a 16 year old boy. They, along with a kid TILLY, set out to find their fathers who were kidnapped just before they mothers were shot. This book talks about their journey and the struggles. Things they go through and things they see through those innocent eyes.

I really loved the former half of the book. It just fulfilled my expectations. The latter half was a little weak and stretched, I think. The character building in this book is very weak. In the former, a character is intelligent and observant, and as the story ends, the same character is shown so weak that the story sound abrupt at times. also, I really didn’t like the blooming love in the middle of a war, this really did affect my rating a little bit.

Overall, it was a great book. I am really looking forward to read the second book. I hope it turns out to be good like this one!!

4 stars!!! 🙂


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