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Something Big : A Short Story

She was standing by the window. She always stood there, looking out at the oaks, mists or may be something beyond. And I knew she liked standing there, enjoying the music of silence. The light in her eyes told me that she liked being there, she liked dreaming. Dreams that transcended to an unreal horizon, dreams that were hard to reach out to. I let her dream.

But when I look at her, I see something else too. She is alone, in a world of her own. I want to make her happy. She never asked for any anything but I want to give her something… something big.

So I finally decided. I decided to give her the stars.

I travelled the world and beyond. To the gods and the demons. To get the brightest ones from the princess’ crown and biggest ones from the heaven’s thread. I want to see her smile after seeing those stars. Those stars which shared memories with her and added happiness to her loneliness.

 photo 1357596071_zpsqjuqusoy.png

She is still standing at the window. Her window. Peeping out. Watching the oaks, mists or may be something beyond. And she is lonely. She will be happy now. I give her the glittering stars held inside the glass jar. Her face reflecting the sweet light. But she wasn’t happy. I wanted her to be happy.

She opened the jar and the stars came out like free birds going up in the sky, decorating the night sky like a lamp in a dark room. She was happy. Now. Still standing at the window, telling her stories to her favourite audience. Looking at the oaks, mists or may be something beyond, enjoying the music of silence and the stars bringing happiness to her loneliness.

The stars look beautiful in the sky only. They keep secrets and share memories. Looking at these stars is like sharing good memories. We can take can give easily but sharing our happiness and someone’s sadness is very difficult…..


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