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Book Review ~ The Girl On The Train

Book : The Girl On The Train
Author : Paula Hawkins
Format : eBook
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This story is about Rachel, the girl on the train. She is hopeless in every sense of the word. She’s lost her job, her marriage is dissolved and she drinks the whole day. She takes the same train everyday to her ‘work place’ and observes the houses and people who live near the tracks. All those people who live away from the city at the end of the country. She watches Jess and Jason who are usually on their deck having dinner or drinking or simply sending time with each other. She sees her older life in them, when she was happy with her husband. They make her ideal couple. She is happy to see them happy.

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While Rachel goes to meet her ex-husband. Something awful happens and she doesn’t remember it. Someone hit her, attacked it, but she has no idea who did that because she was drunk. And Jess disappears on that very night. Rachel’s Jess disappears the day Rachel is attacked. Rachel knows that her attack is related to Jess’ disappearance, but her doesn’t remember. The latter half of the story takes a lot of unexpected turns. The truth about Jess’ disappearance, Rachel’s attack and Rachel’s ex are revealed, and the culprit is the most unexpected person. All the while he is in front of you but you won’t judge him.

This book was AMAZING, seriously. I still gave it 3 stars because I am new to psychological thrillers and I found it a little stretched and boring. The former half just goes on and one about traveling in train, and watching the strangers and telling about Rachel’s hopelessness. The book had 3 narrator, two narrating in the present, and one narrating in the past. So things get a little confusing when the narrators shift that fast and tell about their own lives instead of telling about the main problem, which is Jess’ disappearance. But the story had some clues in between for us to guess the culprit. So it had both love and hate elements.

I am again saying, don’t go by my stars, because this book is very nice and obviously I don’t oppose those 5 star reviews by other readers. Only, psychological thrillers are not for me.

3 Stars!!


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