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Book Review : Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the Princess

2.5 stars rounded up to 3!!

This book wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. But it is only meant for kids, I guess. it had all the elements a Children’s book should have, but it lacked the execution and placement of its magical and paranormal elements. This book had a lot of loopholes, and hence I found it to be a little incomplete.

The book is about a cursed land, Zynpagua, where the evil king Drudan rules. The real Princess of the kingdom is in India. Her brother comes to take her to her land, so that she can end Drudan’s rule and save her people. That’s the gist of the book.

*Spoilers Ahead*

I found it incomplete because there were a few things in the book which weren’t explained, like when lady carol was captured in the end, she didn’t use her magic to run away, but then used it later in front of Leo. Now when she could escape earlier, then why didn’t she do that???? Well, putting it aside, Sussaina, the real queen of the kingdom (who is a prisoner of Drudan) can talk to all her kids and Lady carol, and Leo and her nephew, but, she can’t escape from the prison. And I have no idea why Sussaina couldn’t do that. also Vivian could use his magic only for good deeds, and saving his people was a good deed, still he couldn’t use it against Drudan. What’s the use of such magic.

There were a few things which, I think, made this book incomplete but, since it is a children’s book, it is for a kid’s entertainment, it had all the elements to please a kid, I gave it 3 stars 🙂 Recommended only for kids. Like really small kids who don’t mind such loopholes and don’t see the logical side of things 😛 😛

*I received a copy in a Goodreads Firstread Giveaway*


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