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Book Review ~ The Girl From The Woods by Amar Shekhar

The Girl from the WoodsThe Girl from the Woods by Amar Shekhar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was way better than I was expecting it to be! Really! :’)

It is about a photographer, Niam, who goes to Shimla and falls in love with a local girl, Siya. Simple plot. But what makes it good in the writing. I loved all the different styles so I will mainly  discuss them in this review 🙂

A. NATURE : The photographer goes to Shimla for his project so all the scenery and mountain beauty of Shimla is described so well that you would want to go there to experience it. The natural beauty is described so well.


” The valleys that once echoed our laughter now seemed silent again. The sky seemed to recapitulate the same story with a sad, crimson sunset. Soon, darkness would dethrone the evening skies and the sullen winter night would be back. ”


B. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION : Siya, mysterious local girl, is described with lovely words. Her innocence, beautiful eyes and petal lips. You will image her as a small pretty doll. Touching her will spoil her beauty.

“In the dark sky, she was a silvery moon. I loved looking at her face especially when she peered innocently out of aligned bangs lying carelessly on her forehead. She just looked like a child who was lately woken up from her sleep.”

C. LOVE : I am not a frequent romance reader, but books like this just make you go all crazy about love. This book tells the real meaning of love. When you are happy to see your people happy. When you are willing to give your happiness and take others sorrow.

“We do not pay too much attention to a person while we are in their presence, but after they are gone, temporarily or permanently, we think of them.”

I loved this book a lot! Like I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting much. I am very selective about Indian authors, but this book was different. I would recommend it to nature lovers and romance lovers!! 😀


*I received an ARC from the Author*



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