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Book Review : Eulogy by Ken Murray

EulogyEulogy by Ken Murray

2.5 stars rounded up to 3!

This book was quite different from my usual reads. A bit moving, slow ans sometimes depressing.

THE PLOT: The book is about William Oaks and his troubled childhood which shapes his future. His parents are not happy with their marriage and William spents his days listening to his parents’ arguments and with his dad disappearing for some days and coming back again with promises of change. After some time, his parents devote their lives to church and Christ and try to involve him them. His parents soon die in a car accident and he gets a chance of getting away and discovering himself.

MY VIEWS : The book is not bad. Not bad at all. But it is a bit depressing at times. There were also many references to religion which I didn’t quite understand. But I guess it is just me. If I had know more about Christ and Christianity, I would have enjoyed it better.

I would recommend this book only to readers who read and like this kind of genre

*I got the book in EBook format from Netgalley.*

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