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#BookReview : Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson

Finding HopeFinding Hope by Colleen Nelson

4 Hope and Eric Stars!!

I really loved this book!
Quite different in its own way and that’s what I loved about it! 🙂

The Gist : The books is about Eric and Hope who are siblings. Eric is addicted to drugs and Hope is troubled at her boarding school because of some of her school mates. The book shows how they fight, run away and then help each other to get out of their problems. [I won’t give more as I don’t want to give spoikers.]

My Views : The book has dual POV. Yeah, just like in Eleanor & Park, but this time it is about two siblings talking about each others problem and how they try to help each other out of it :’)

I really loved it but still only 4 stars because I didn’t like Hope’s mother’s character. I found her to be weak and I could really connect to her or feel anything for her.

The best part, I think, was Eric’s character. I loved his POV and I loved the way his character was written. I could actually feel bad for him and Hope because his narration was really good.

Now about the recommendation. I really won’t personally recommend it to anyone because everyone is not comfortable with ‘sexual abuse on teenagers’ genre or ‘a teenager on drugs’ genre, so I would say that you can try this book if you are familiar with these kinda stories.

4 stars in all 🙂

P.S. I completed this book in two days even when I was sick in bed for the whole time :’)

P.P.S. I received the ebook from Netgalley.
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