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#BookReview No One Writes to the Colonel

No One Writes to the ColonelNo One Writes to the Colonel by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“You can’t eat hope, but it sustains you.”

This story is about Colonel and his wife who are starving after a war. Their son was shot in a rooster fight, but the rooster is still left. They are hopeful that the rooster will win the next fight and they will get the money betted on it. They don’t know whether the rooster will win for sure. Whether they will survive till the fight or starve to death before it.

“The only thing that comes for sure is death.”

The couple is miserable. This book shows the real meaning of like and death and support and patience of the family. It will give you lots to ponder over. Politics, friendship, tradition and every aspect of living in a society which forces a person to stoop down to the level where the family is like burden and closest friend is an enemy.

“I’m taking care of myself so I can sell myself.”

This a really small book, barely 70 pages, but the tale which is hidden in these pages is very different for the usual clichés 🙂
Recommended to everyone!

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2 thoughts on “#BookReview No One Writes to the Colonel

  1. Hey, I’m glad you’re recommending it… so that more people would read the book. García Márquez thought it was his best book and I agree: beats One Hundred Years of Solitude hands down. I read last summer and I thought it was easily the best book I read in years, 5 out 5 if I was given to starring books. (Not Waterblogged’s style.) 🙂

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    1. This was my first Marquez book so you can say this author is new to me. And the first book was so good that I am eager to try the other books as well. 😀

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